Helping Harvest

"A hand up, not a hand out"


Helping Harvest functions like any grocery store, but we serve those who are struggling to make ends meet. Helping Harvest provides assistance for:


  • People on a fixed income, such as the elderly or disabled;

  • Those who have experienced unexpected illness, injury or catastropic events;

  • Working people who simply are not earning enough income to cover expenses. 


We hope individuals and families who use Helping Harvest become financially stable and no longer rely on our assistance. However, we're committed to providing support for as long as it's needed. People who receive assistance through the store are asked to make a donation toward the cost of the goods they receive. Suggested donation amounts are generally 25 to 50% of everyday retail prices. These donations help us buy food for the store and cover other expenses to keep our doors open. 


Eligibility and Membership


Stop by the store during business hours to see if you and your family are eligible to become members of Helping Harvest. We'll ask you some simple questions.


If eligible for membership in Helping Harvest you'll complete an easy application. A $5 annual registration fee is collected. Once a membership expires, you can renew your membership, provided you are still eligible to do so.


Receiving other forms of government assistance, such as Medicaid, unemployment benefits or SNAP, does not disqualify a person's eligibility for acceptance into Helping Harvest. 




Store Hours:

Wed 2-6

Thurs 10-2

Fri 2-6

Sat 10-2

Helping Harvest often stocks many well known name-brand products that are trusted and valued by consumers. 

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Find us: 

Faith Plaza, 2480 US Route 9W, Ravena, NY 12143

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