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  • Rebecca Flach

Helping Harvest is a Christmas wonderland!

Christmas spirit has filled Helping Harvest, our food assistance program for low-income families. Our staff and volunteers always try to make Helping Harvest welcoming during the holidays, but this year a man familiar with the charity stepped up to make the store especially cheerful. Michael Reynolds, who has professional experience in fashion design and theater, offered his personal collection of greenery, backdrops, miniature light-up village and even a snoring Santa Claus to turn Helping Harvest into a Christmas wonderland.

Michael spent hours and hours of his time making Helping Harvest, which looks and functions much like a grocery store, a spectacular display.

“The holidays can be a difficult time for many, and I wanted to do something nice for Helping Harvest and the people who use it - particularly children,” Michael said.

Helping Harvest serves more than 800 people in the Ravena area, including an estimated 200 children, some of whom regularly visit the program with their parent or grandparents.

“The kids’ eyes light up when they come through the door and take it all in,” said Rebecca Marion Flach, executive director of Hope Full Life Center, Inc., the charity that runs Helping Harvest.

While the store is delightful to behold, it’s not the decorations that fill Helping Harvest with Christmas spirit. It is the thoughtful act of one man who went out of his way for nothing in return to bring joy to others. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your creativity and exemplifying the true spirit of Christmas to our staff, volunteers and members.

If you'd like to see Michael's work or are curious about what we do at Helping Harvest, come for a visit during hours of operation!

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