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  • Rebecca Flach

Celebrating our volunteers

Love was in the air at Hope Full Life Center and Abounding Love Christian Fellowship’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner held on Saturday, Feb. 11 at the church. More than 100 volunteers and their families enjoyed an evening of food provided by Frese’s Catering, Valentine’s inspired games and fellowship as we honored the time and talent each attendee contributed to the success of our two sister organizations in the past year.

More than 50 volunteers assisted at one of Hope Full Life Center’s programs in 2016. In our food assistance program, Helping Harvest, volunteers help us receive and process our food deliveries each Tuesday, sort goods, clean, break down cardboard and fill many other functions.

At Gracefully Chic Boutique and Peace of Home, volunteers help us sort the huge quantity of donations that come in each month. They also help us steam clothing, straighten shelves and many other tasks.

A core team of devoted volunteers run Cross Culture Market where tracking inventory, updating our website and photographing products consumes a great deal of time.

Many volunteers also help us with Harvest Fest, our annual family-friendly festival held each October.

All of Hope Full Life Center’s programs are labor intensive and we wouldn’t be able to operate without the help of many volunteers. The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is our small gesture to convey just how grateful we are for these people who selflessly donate their energy to our cause.

Volunteers are love in motion. ~ Author Unknown

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