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Fruits and veggies supplied by new business supporter

Hats off to Curaleaf! A new business in Ravena, Curaleaf has become a 2019 Hope Full Life Center business supporter. The Center will use Curaleaf’s donation to buy produce for Helping Harvest, our low-cost food assistance program for struggling families located in Faith Plaza.

Curaleaf Logo

Health experts want us to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but for low-income families achieving this goal is difficult. Fresh produce is expensive and it spoils quickly so many low-income families choose processed foods that are cheap, readily accessible, easy to make and filling.

At Helping Harvest we aim to supply fruits and vegetables each week for our member shoppers. We want to fill empty stomachs, but with foods that offer nutrition whenever possible. This isn’t easy, however. The Center receives donated produce on occasion, but generally buys fruits and vegetables every week to assist its members.

Curaleaf, a medical cannabis manufacturer and dispenser which employs more than 40 people locally, stepped up to help.

“Our products help people manage chronic pain and other health challenges, but we’re also interested in improving the quality of life for people in the communities where we operate,” said Nate McDonald, general manager of the Ravena plant. “Improving access to affordable fruits and vegetables is one way we can do this. We’re excited to be a Hope Full Life Center business supporter.”

“The cost of produce makes it hard for us to get the quantity of fruits and vegetables we need at prices a small charity can afford,” said Rebecca Flach, executive director of Hope Full Life Center. “Whatever produce we can make available is typically gone the first day Helping Harvest is open for the week. We can do better than this and Curaleaf’s support will help make a better supply of fruits and vegetables possible.”

The Center’s board, staff and volunteers are thrilled to have Curaleaf’s financial support and extend a sincere thank you for helping us meet our mission of lending a helping hand to struggling families in Southern Albany County.

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