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  • Rebecca Flach

Helping Harvest needs volunteers

Hope Full Life Center has been so blessed to have faithful volunteers, but we are in need of new recruits. Some of our workforce is no longer able to assist us due to COVID-19 precautions. Many members of our remaining team are over the age of 65, where complications from this illness can be most severe. Our food assistance program, Helping Harvest, has been deemed an essential service and we intend to stay open to serve our members and the larger community wherever we can. We hope you'll consider helping us serve the most needy and vulnerable in our community.

In addition to helping with the delivery of food we receive each Monday, we need volunteers to help us sort foods, stock shelves, breakdown cardboard and clean, clean, clean. We are also exploring home delivery of food to people who are quarantined or ill.

If you are under age 65 and willing to assume the health risks associated with COVID-19 we need you! Check here for available volunteer opportunities. This link will take you to our page on, which helps us coordinate volunteers.

The Center is taking precautions to protect our volunteers, including limiting the number of people working together and vigorous sanitation.

It’s in crises like this that our community, state and nation rely on charities like Hope Full Life Center to step up and fill in the gaps where government can’t reach due to limited resources. We’re so honored to serve and hope you share our passion for taking care of others during this pandemic.

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