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  • Rebecca Flach

Summer = hunger for many children

Updated: Jun 25

School is out for the summer. For many kids, this means a time to relax, have fun and sleep in. For other kids though, summer recess brings a new stress: hunger. According to Feeding America, more than 22 million U.S. children count on free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch at school to have enough to eat. When schools close in June, only a fraction of those kids have continued access to summertime food programs. 

No Kid Hungry, a hunger advocacy group, reports the average family spends $300 more each month to feed their kids during summer recess. This causes hardship for struggling families, which could mean other bills go unpaid. It could also mean children and other members of a household are going hungry. 

Children eating at a picnic table

The consequences for inadequate food and nutrition are well researched and documented. Kids who do not receive enough to eat are more likely to be obese and suffer from chronic health conditions.1 These children are also more likely to experience a greater backwards slide in their education during summer than peers who have sufficient nutrition.1

The bottom line: When kids don't have enough to eat they are more likely to become sick and perform poorly in school. 

Here in Ravena Coeymans Selkirk, there will be a summer food assistance for students and families in need. The FUN (Feed UR Neighbor) Summer Kids Program will kick off on Monday, July 1st.

Our Helping Harvest is always available to serve struggling families year round. This low-cost grocery store program is designed to help low-income people stretch their food dollars. It functions like any grocery store and families can shop for meats, dairy, produce, dry goods and frozen products, but pay less than they would at a for-profit retailer. Parents and guardians who are struggling to feed their households are welcome to stop into Helping Harvest to see if the program might be a good fit.

Twenty-five percent of the people who benefit from the lower priced food found at Helping Harvest are children.

Helping Harvest is a charity and dependent upon donations and grants to operate. You can support our work with a financial donation. We also appreciate donations of unexpired canned goods and other dry groceries. We are always seeking volunteers too! Call us at 518-756-9091 for more information or email us at

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